Microbial Science Laboratories Septic Saver

Guard against septic issues with our Industrial Strength Two-Month Treatment. Featuring over 60 billion beneficial bacteria, it not only prevents clogs and backups but also removes dangerous nitrates, safeguarding your well water and the environment. Trust Microbial Science Laboratories Septic Saver for a natural and organic solution that keeps your septic system running efficiently. Learn more about the dangers of nitrates and how our treatment converts them into harmless nitrogen gas, contributing to a safer environment and healthier well water.
  • Industrial Strength Prevents Clogs & Backups
  • Removes Dangerous Nitrates ***
  • Two Month Septic Treatment
  • Over 60 Billion Beneficial Bacteria – Over 50 times more powerful septic bacteria than the leading brands
  • Keeps Septic Systems Running at Optimal Efficiency
  • Natural & Organic

When household waste is broken down in the septic tank, the end product is Nitrates. Nitrates then leach with the septic tank water out into the septic fields and travel down though the soil into the water table. Once there, they can mix with your well water. The EPA states that Nitrate levels above 10ppm (Nitrogen) in well water is a health risk for infants and can cause BLUE BABY SYNDROME. High Nitrates can also be harmful to pregnant mothers and some adults. Nitrates can run off into streams, rivers, lakes, and other bodies of water causing algae blooms, which can harm fish and other aquatic life.