Umber Dreams Centerpiece


Embrace the warmth and beauty of autumn with our Umber Dreams Centerpiece. This Thanksgiving, adorn your table with a rich tapestry of lilies, roses, carnations, mums, and thistle, expertly crafted into a centerpiece that exudes timeless elegance. The addition of Leucadendron, smoke bush, and ornamental grasses adds a rustic touch to this masterpiece.

As the centerpiece of your Thanksgiving feast, the Umber Dreams Centerpiece is crowned with a flickering candle, casting a soft, warm glow over your holiday gathering. Let this arrangement be the focal point of gratitude and togetherness during this special season.

  1. Lilies: Lilies are often associated with purity, renewal, and the transcendent beauty of the soul. They can symbolize gratitude, making them an excellent choice for a Thanksgiving centerpiece as they represent thankfulness.

  2. Roses: Roses are classic symbols of love and appreciation. In the context of a Thanksgiving arrangement, they can represent the love and gratitude you feel for your family and friends gathered around the table.

  3. Carnations: Carnations can symbolize admiration and affection. The warm, earthy colors of carnations in the arrangement can convey a deep appreciation for the bounty of the season.

  4. Mums (Chrysanthemums): Mums symbolize joy, optimism, and a sense of abundance. They are perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece as they embody the spirit of the harvest and the happiness of the holiday.

  5. Thistle: Thistle can symbolize protection and resilience. Its presence in the arrangement could represent the strength of family bonds and the ability to overcome challenges and find gratitude.

  6. Leucadendron: Leucadendron is often associated with change and adaptation. In the context of your centerpiece, it can signify the transition from one season to another, capturing the essence of autumn.

  7. Smoke Bush: Smoke bush can symbolize mystery and transformation. It can add an element of intrigue and depth to the arrangement, making it more visually captivating.

  8. Ornamental Grasses: Ornamental grasses can represent unity and flexibility. They add texture and movement to the arrangement, symbolizing the interconnectedness of family and friends during Thanksgiving.