Hand Decorated Memorial Blanket


🌲🕊️ Graceful Remembrance for a Cherished Resting Place 🕊️🌲

Our Hand  Decorated Memorial Blankets are a tender and heartfelt way to honor and remember those who have found their eternal resting place. Our blankets are hand crafted with care and adorned with fresh seasonal greens, pine cones, birch branches, and a bow. They serve as a loving tribute, offering a touch of natural beauty to the grave sites of beloved family members, friends, and pets.

* Available in 2 Sizes and includes all hardware. Ribbon & decor may vary*

* Additional sizes available upon request, please contact us at hello@deckers-nursery.com *

Key Features:

🌲Hand Made: All of our Memorial Blankets are individually handmade here at Decker's Nursery by one of our talented Team Members. 

🌿 Fresh Seasonal Greens: Each blanket is meticulously assembled using freshly cut seasonal greens, creating a display of vibrant, natural beauty.

🪙 Thoughtful Decoration: Adorned with pine cones, birch branches, and a handmade bow, these blankets are elegantly decorated to pay homage to your loved ones.

🌾 Grave-Site Enhancement: Place these blankets on the resting places of your dear ones, adding a touch of seasonal beauty and remembrance.

🏡 Respectful Display: These blankets are specifically designed for outdoor use on graves, providing a respectful and beautiful tribute.

Honor your loved ones with this heartfelt tribute, allowing their memory to live on through the beauty of these special memorial blankets.