Autumn Bliss Ceramic Pumpkin


Embrace the joyous spirit of fall with our "Autumn Bliss" ceramic pumpkin arrangement, a jubilant celebration of the season's vibrant hues. This radiant composition bursts forth with the warm embrace of oranges and the tranquil charm of blues, encapsulated in a whimsical ceramic pumpkin container.

Nestled within this cheerful ensemble are the timeless elegance of roses and the delicate spray roses, their petals mirroring the sunlit glow of autumn leaves. Cattails rise proudly, adding a rustic touch reminiscent of harvest fields, while the effervescent Cremone mums and the deep blues of Blue Mums create a dynamic dance of color.

The arrangement is punctuated with the fragrant presence of Stocks, infusing the air with the sweet scents of fall, and the delicate accents of Limonium that add a touch of ethereal beauty. The ceramic pumpkin cradles this symphony of autumnal joy, enhancing the overall sense of festivity and warmth.

Radiating happiness and cheer, the "Autumn Bliss" bouquet is a perfect embodiment of the season's bright and lively spirit. Place it as a centerpiece at gatherings, weddings, or simply in your living space to bring the heartwarming essence of fall indoors.

As the air becomes crisp and the leaves transform, let this arrangement be a beacon of autumn delight, a testament to the joyous colors that make this season truly magical.