Cinco Classic Tree Stand for 6' - 12' Tree


🌲🎄 Secure & Sturdy Support for Your Christmas Tree 🎄🌲

The Cinco Classic Tree Stand is the ideal companion for a joyful and stress-free holiday season. Available in three size options, this stand provides unwavering stability and support for your Christmas tree, ensuring it stands tall, proud, and beautifully adorned.

Key Features:

🌟 Three Size Options: Choose from our three available sizes, suitable for trees up to 8 feet, up to 10 feet, and up to 12 feet in height.

🪙 Heavy-Duty Plastic Construction: Made in the U.S.A with high-quality materials. Cinco tree stands are recognized as a premiere manufacturer of quality Christmas tree stands, since 1989.

🔒 Easy Setup and Secure Grip: The stand features an easy-to-use clamping system that holds your tree firmly in place while remaining effortless to install.

🚿 Water Reservoir: Keep your tree hydrated with the built-in water reservoir, reducing the need for frequent watering and maintaining your tree's freshness.

🏡 Non-Slip Base: Designed with stability in mind, the stand's non-slip base ensures that your tree remains upright and secure, even in high-traffic areas.

Choose the size that fits your tree and enjoy the convenience, stability, and lasting quality that the Cinco Classic Tree Stand provides. Elevate your holiday traditions with a stand that stands up to the occasion.